It has been great working with Antony International Solutions, LLC. After losing our in-house recruiter we needed some help! Angela and her team to the rescue! I have been so impressed working with Melissa Sage and team, that once we were set up and had jobs for her to work on, I didn’t need to worry. They are so professional and experts at what they do and work seamlessly with our hiring managers. They have been able to find us the candidates we were struggling to get. It’s been great integrating them with our team. I have really appreciated the partnership and will continue to use them!

Britt Zumwalt, Director, HR & People Operations


“It was a great pleasure working with Angela and her AIS Flex Recruiting team for my company’s hiring needs.  We had several hard to fill roles and a small window to fill them.  We had an added component of our in house Talent team member being out on maternity leave during the holiday season.  AIS seamlessly stepped right in as an extended member of the in house team.  They operated with a sense of urgency from day one by working with hiring managers daily, screening applicants and sourcing for passive candidates and keeping activity moving until the role was 100% filled.  I’m excited to share that in the course of less than 5 months we filled 13 positions, most of which were technology roles.  I look forward to maintaining our relationship with AIS for the long term and they will be my first call when we have another hiring surge.”

Dennis Clerke
CEO, Ad-Juster


“I’ve worked with AIS for over a year now.  It is a fantastic supplement to our internal efforts when we have a need for a hiring sprint or company growth.  Everyone I’ve worked with is a real pro, getting to understand our needs and our value proposition to candidates- something invaluable in markets where there is a real fight for talent.  I highly recommend partnering with AIS, particularly if you are an HR department of one or two people whose time and bandwidth is stretched thin!”

Elizabeth Flood
HR Director, MediaRadar, Inc.

Advisor Group

“We had a great experience working with AIS and their Sourcing+ model for our high volume recruiting needs.  We had a class to fill on a short time line and AIS stepped in seamlessly providing quality candidates, with a high touch and organized strategy.  We look forward to utilizing AIS’s services in the future when the need arises.”

Leigh McCluskey
Sr VP of Talent Acquisition, Advisor Group

Blue Diamond Growers

“I had the pleasure of working with Antony International Solutions for about a year at Blue Diamond Growers.  From the start of the relationship, they jumped right in full steam ahead with understanding our business, culture and hiring process.  With their expertise in full cycle recruiting they were able to make an immediate impact.”

Theresa Anderson
Talent Acquisition Manager, Blue Diamond Growers

TTI Floorcare

“I partnered with Angela during the ramp up of one of our new locations, due to our heavy recruiting demands.  Since our needs were very fluid, we opted to go this route due to her Flex Recruiting Solution so she would have the ability to flex her services 3-5 days/week.  Since our needs weren’t long term, it was more economical to go this route vs hiring a permanent employee or partnering with a recruiter on a role by role basis.  During the 6 months we partnered with Angela, we on-boarded 73 team members! This was the first time I partnered with someone in this fashion, and I won’t hesitate to do it again as the need arises!”

Heidi Giovanelli
Vice President, Human Resources, TTI Floorcare


“I had the opportunity to work with AIS on a 3-4 month contract.  Our company is Headquartered out of Barcelona, Spain and we were hiring remote working in the US.  Although we had a hiring manager in the US, AIS worked diligently to stay in constant communication with both the hiring manager, as well as myself in Spain, throughout the entire process. They did full life cycle recruiting for us and made the process very simple and easy to follow. They had a flexible recruiting model that was followed and there was never a lack in communication throughout the entire process with all parties involved, including our candidates.”

Nico Campos
Talent Acquisition and Development Specialist, Softonic

Anonymous CPG

“As a large CPG company who is accustomed to doing everything in-house, we decided to test AIS’s remote flex recruiting model and were impressed by the high quality, high touch approach. The transparent communication practices and tools that they have in place gave us the feel of an in house recruiting solution that was effortlessly embedded into our existing team. We are happy to recommend them as a supplemental recruiting solution!”

Anonymous Consumer Goods Company

Global HR

“I have worked with Angela for several years. She is incredibly professional, driven, and customer focused. Her ability to delicately balance the need of the customer and the candidate, so it’s a win-win, is important and critical in a tight talent market.”

Allison Morley
Head of Talent, Global HR

Cruise Line International

“Over the past few years, Angela has worked on numerous global and domestic recruiting assignments. She works tirelessly to understand the true hiring profile and works creatively to source candidates that truly match the profile and organizational culture.”

Carrie Watson
HR Director, Cruise Line International

Bright Talent

“I have been fortunate enough to work with Angela as both corporate recruiting peer, and business partner, servicing clients together. Angela’s recruiting experience, sourcing creativity, relational skills, and consultative approach have reached mastery level. She is equally good inside of a corporation or in a project role on a team. I can trust she will deliver.”

Brenan German
President, Bright Talent

Flex Recruiting Services

We offer two different options for supplemental recruiting services, full life cycle or sourcing plus.

If you don’t have in house recruiting support, or if you do have a great in house recruiter that you wish you could clone, look no further because our full life cycle model is the answer you’ve been searching for! In this model we’re here to function as an extension to your in house recruiting/HR department from intake to offer. We conduct weekly hiring manager update calls and maintain communication with candidates from day one to ensure they also have a great high touch experience!  Additionally we stay on the cutting edge of technology and utilize all the latest  tools and resources to ensure live reporting, a focus on sourcing passive qualified candidates and efficiency.

Our innovative Sourcing+ model is the perfect supplemental solution to support your in house recruiters who are stretched too thin! In this model they remain the face to your hiring managers while we do the leg work in the background, allowing them to shine like the star that they are.  We will post the jobs, screen direct applicants, source passive candidates and conduct recruiter phone screens before handing qualified and engaged candidates off to them to finish out the process.  We also conduct weekly update calls with your recruiter to ensure that they feel supported along the way.

About Our Team

At Antony International Solutions we believe there is a better way to do recruiting. A more valuable, flexible and transparent approach that helps us gain the trust of our clients and helps them to get the hiring help they need at a cost they can afford. We focus on delivering a straightforward method that ebbs and flows with the independent needs of each client.

The way we work is also innovative and flexible. Our diverse team is a combination of full time employees and part time contractors who flex their schedules and time with the needs of the clients and the company. This approach to hiring our own team is based on the importance of work life balance and personal health.

In 2012 our CEO, Angela Antony, identified an innovative recruiting solution to fill a need that every industry and company had, an ideal supplemental recruiting solution. This solution is a fourth methodology in recruiting called Flex Recruiting Services. We have successfully supported clients in all industries, role types, size of companies across the Globe with this model. An AIS Flex Recruiter will plug into your company’s human resources department/ talent team and function as an internal employee with the cost savings of a contractor. From full life-cycle recruiting to part time sourcing help, we are here for you.

Angela Antony
Managing Partner

The creator and pioneer of Antony International Solutions (AIS). With more than 20 years of corporate recruiting and over 10 years of business leadership experience, she has created a brand recognized for its innovation, quality, flexibility, attention-to-detail, and efficiency. Since 2012, AIS has worked with a multitude of different clients and industries. As a result, she has proven that the innovative business model and methodology of the Flex Recruiting Services and Virtual Support Services business lines are the ideal solutions for any business or business leader.

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Kristin Pantoja
Managing Partner and Flex Recruiter

Being one of the earliest members of AIS, she has worked with Angela to bring the vision of AIS to life. She is a shining example of how AIS utilizes a diverse skill set and aligns it with our values and methodologies. Today, Kristin is the COO of AIS. With more than 15 years of experience, her time as an Executive Assistant and Recruiter has made her an ideal team member and leader of AIS.

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Melissa Sage
Senior Manager and Flex Recruiter

Melissa is a dedicated and enthusiastic MBA graduate with over 15 years of HR experience. She possesses significant experience with a variety of Applicant Tracking Systems and recruiting strategies, and is an ideal fit for the AIS team and flex recruiting. She is adept at benefit administration and executive level assistance. With her experience, charisma, and charm, she is ideal across all levels of the organization.

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Brittany Laws
FRA Team Leader & Junior Flex Recruiter
Brittany comes to AIS with a background in customer service and a passion for identifying, understanding, and solving the needs of others. A student of philosophy, Brittany prides herself on the ability to view a problem from many perspectives. As a sourcer, she puts these skills to use finding ideal candidates in any market.
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Kortney Flores
Sourcing Team Leader and Flex Recruiting Associate

Kortney comes to AIS with a background in sales and search engine evaluation. As a sourcing specialist, she uses a job description combined with a little bit of creativity to craft Boolean search phrases to hunt down the perfect candidates for an opening.

Lynzi Tunstall
Junior Flex Recruiter

I’m elated to bring my Operations and Human Resources talents and strengths to the AIS Family. My goals align with AIS’s values and there is nothing that I love more than when I am working with other engaged individuals towards a common goal! By joining Antony International Solutions, I have a great opportunity to both learn and grow internally with the team and externally with our clients.

Natiaha Sigurbjartsson
Junior Flex Recruiter
Tyler Boaz
Junior Flex Recruiter
Albert Deavsagayam
Junior Flex Recruiter
Suzanne Clark
Flex Recruiting Associate Plus

Suzanne joins our team as a sourcing specialist, leveraging her past experience in planning, problem solving, communication, and administrative support.

Andrew Muto
Flex Recruiting Associate

A recent college graduate, Andrew is ready to step out into the world to make his mark. He will have a chance to do that as a sourcing specialist with AIS.

Jaclyn Whiteford
Flex Recruiting Associate

Jaclyn is a sourcing specialist, helping to passively source the best talent for every opening.

Michele Herdoiza
Sourcing Specialist

Michele comes to AIS with a  diverse background as a  business owner, graphic designer, elementary school teacher and customer service representative. As a  sourcing specialist, she will utilize her experience gained in this background to find the ideal candidates in order to delight our clients.

Antonette Hernandez
Sourcing Specialist
Lisa Whiteford
Phone Screener

As our team continues to grow, Lisa has grown into our first dedicated phone screener. In this role, Lisa conducts the crucial first communications with candidates, not only to gauge their fit for the opening, but also to get the candidate excited about their new opportunity. 

Our Clients